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16 April 2012

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How to Make Your Phone Call More Powerful

As sales persons we are wedded to our telephones. We are so used to making phone calls that we do not think twice before making a phone call. A sales person cannot think of selling without the use of a telephone. So it is important to master the technique of the use of a telephone.

The telephone is an audio instrument. It is not a video instrument. The receiver of your call cannot see you. As a result much of technique to grasp the attention of the prospect that is available through body language is not available when we use a telephone. We cannot look into the eyes of the prospect. We cannot nod our head in agreement, for the prospect cannot see the act of nodding. We cannot move our hands to seek attention. Despite these limitations the telephone is a powerful instrument for the sales person and it can be put to very effective use in business.

Here are some practical tips to help you master the use of a telephone for business calls.

 Tip No. 1: Write down the objective of the phone call

Very often we confuse the prospect by talking about two or three points in the same telephonic conversation. It is important that we write down the result we seek from the telephone call. To have clarity on this count is very important.

 Tip No.2: Have a script that matches the objective of your phone call

When we wish to make a business telephone call, we must always have a prepared script that is brief, lucid and well written. The script should not have any content that is not directly linked to the objective of the phone call. For example a phone call for an appointment should not be confused with an attempt to sell on the phone.

 Tip No. 3: Practice the script

The script should be learnt by repeated practice. Practice they say makes you perfect. Unless practices well the delivery of the script on the telephone will always be sub-optimal.

 Tip No. 4: Read from the written script

The written script should be kept in front of our eyes and be read out to the prospect when making a call. Remember the prospect cannot see you. Reading from a prepared and practiced script allows you to talk confidently.

 Tip No. 5: Talk in a tone that is louder and faster than normal

Talking about 10 % louder and 10 % faster helps you to gain the attention of the prospect, especially since you cannot gain attention through body language.

 Tip No. 6: Talk confidently

No one will buy or agree with a sales person if the sales person does not present himself or herself as a confident person, whether on the phone or in person. On the phone it becomes more important since you have no other way of convincing the prospect on the phone.


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