Coaching For Whom?:  

SHAKTI Coaching – For Whom?

1. For individuals in sales and sales management in any channel of distribution

Any person selling life insurance and any person managing a sales force selling life insurance in any channel or vertical. This includes Zonal Managers, Regional Managers, Divisional Managers, Area Managers, Territory Managers, Branch Managers, Assistant Branch Managers, Development Officers, Unit Managers, Business Development Managers, Sales Managers, Agency Managers, Agents, Advisors, Direct Marketing Executives, Financial Consultants, Financial Sales Executives, etc. in the tied agency channel or direct marketing channel or corporate agency channel or bancassurance channel or any other vertical.

You will benefit irrespective of your experience in the line.


2. IIST provides customized coaching to life companies and sales teams

The basic SHAKTI model of IIST is customized for individual companies and for sales teams of development officers/unit managers/branch managers. Care is taken to dovetail the content to suit the particular control and reporting structures, the incentive schemes, the business targets desired and the marketing strategies of the company for which training is undertaken.

All information and data received from the company is treated with utmost confidence and complete secrecy of data is maintained.


3. For persons without work experience in life insurance sales

Fresh graduates or post graduates seeking to explore the most rewarding and challenging sales career available today. IIST training will help young professionals to learn the secrets of selling insurance early in their life giving them a strong foundation for the rest of their career and life.

Persons with experience in industries other than life insurance can get the most rewarding break in their career by undertaking our courses. IIST courses give you training on skills and techniques to be used on the job.