Eustace D’Costa  

Eustace D’Costa, previously worked with TATA AIG Life. His work there was recognized and he was designated Zonal Master Trainer. He has more than eighteen years of experience of training as a full time employee and more than eleven years of experience of other training related work. `

Eustace specializes in working with organisations and individuals to train and develop the human capital required so much to take the trainees on the desired growth path from efficiency to effectiveness.

The average professional life insurance selling or sales management experience of those coached by IIST is more than 10 years.

He has worked and trained in extremely dynamic and demanding work environments in the public and private sectors, including ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, HSBC Bank, Citi Bank, Citi Financial, India Bulls Financial Services, 24/7 Bangalore, ITC Bangalore, Bajaj Capital, Karvy, Andromeda, Call Tech, Centrum Financial Services, Satyam Broking, Continental Suraksha Broking, Anand Rathi Broking, PAN Insurance, DHL, Tata-AIG Life Insurance, etc. He ha also trained LIC development officers and agents.

Eustace has been rewarded with the Quarterly “Acrux” Award and Yearly “Herculus” Award at Tata AIG and the “Sapnay” Award by HSBC.