What IIST Coaching has achieved:  

Here are a just a few examples of what the SHAKTI model of IIST has achieved

Life Insurance Corporation of India

  • Thanjavur Division was the number one in terms of growth during the year in which all their development officers were trained on the SHAKTI Model

  • KMDO 1 became a much higher performing division during the year in which all their development officers were trained on the SHAKTI Model

  • In Pune Division more than 60 % of the development officers had at least one MDRT in their teams during the year they were trained on the SHAKTI Model. The Division collected Rs.700 crores as premium that year

  • The Direct Marketing channel of LIC took of to a flying start after their branch managers were trained on the SHAKTI Model – one of the few successful direct marketing business models in the country


Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited

  • SHAKTI coaching achieved recruitment of 20,000 sales managers and 200,000 agents in 2 months time.

Tata AIG Life Insurance Limited

  • SHAKTI achieved bringing the 3 branches at the bottom of the rung to good performing branches and were the top branches in recruitment of agents for the year.

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited

  • Branch Managers and Unit Managers trained on the SHAKTI Model became role models for the whole company with many unit managers moving from a productivity of less than Rs.10 lakhs p.a. to more than Rs.75 lakhs p.a. in the same year in which they were trained.

Postal Life Insurance

  • SHAKTI coaching helped the Maharashtra Circle of India Posts meet the annual target of life insurance sales in just 2 months.

SHAKTI has created many TOTs, COTs, MDRTs, apart from many other club members. SHAKTI has also created many high performing managers who are today enjoying a legendary status in the sector and are occupying high positions in many companies.