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16 April 2012

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The Five-Point Script that gives you Appointments

 Are you getting frustrated trying to get appointments?

One of the most frustrating experiences for a life insurance salesman is to face an appointment rejection on the phone. Frequent responses such as “Not interested”, “Call me later”, etc. lead to a situation where the agent does not want to make a phone call any more for an appointment. It need not however be so. Successful agents are those who successfully get appointments on a daily basis. Making a phone call for an appointment should be an eagerly looked forward to activity. The phone call sets you up for business appointments and is your first step towards the closing of the sale.

 So how should you go about it? But first answer this question:

Do you have a written script that you have rehearsed adequately and use every time you seek an appointment?

If not, this is the reason for your frustrations. Not having a practiced, structured, written script always leads to one of the two problems:

You are tense and do not know what to say on the phone, or

You use words that lead to objections



In either case you do not get the appointments. It is not sufficient to feel that you know what to say on the phone. To reduce your telephonic rejections you need to have a standardized script that you use every time you seek an appointment. A standardized script gives you the confidence and improves the confidence that you transmit to the prospect. Prospects like confident agents. They do not like agents who are not confident.

A telephone script for an appointment must be thoughtfully developed so that it creates least resistance to the objective of getting appointments. The script should be practiced thoroughly so that the mind is not tense on what to say and is free to deal with objections confidently. A script used over and over again makes the script second nature to you, gives you a very high level of comfort and allows you to enjoy the activity of seeking appointments.

Five Points that Your Script SHOULD HAVE

The script should have an opening line that greets the prospect and introduces yourself

You should ask for permission to talk on the phone

Specify the purpose of the call

Generate an interest on the prospect’s part for the purpose

Seek an appointment by specifying the date and time







It is equally important to ensure that words, phrases and sentences are not repeated in your script. The script should be brief, spoken fluently and confidently, with suitable voice modulation to attract the prospect’s interest.


Happy Selling!

N. Ashok Kumar


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