Sales Trainers:  

If you are currently training in a life insurance company or would like to become a sales trainer in a life insurance company and you want to be professionally recognized for the work you do the course Certified Life Insurance Sales Trainer (CLIST) is just for you. Training is as difficult and as rewarding as a salesperson’s job, provided we take the job of training seriously. A trainer’s role is in the classroom and therefore the trainer should have a very good command of coaching skills, training methods and the subject content of training.

The course Certified Life Insurance Sales Trainer (CLIST)covers

  • Objectives that training can achieve
  • Creating a learning environment
  • Assessing training needs
  • The process of learning
  • The process of training
  • Training methods used for sales training
  • Understanding the psychology of a sales person
  • Training methods and trainee psychology
  • Classroom facilitation process
  • Starting and ending sessions
  • Designing training content
  • Managing and organizing the training function
  • Post training follow-up with trainee
  • Training evaluation

The Course is deigned to make you a master in sales training and give your career a big push to achieve a legendary status.

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