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16 April 2012

Ideas that give You SHAKTI

Prepare Your List of Prospects

 The Basic Activity of all agents

The most basic activity for a life insurance agent is the activity of preparing and maintaining a register of prospects. How often does it happen in your professional life that you get up in the morning and do not know where to go to canvass for business? All our dreams of achieving MDRT qualification or a club membership qualification are washed away only because we do not know where to procure our business from. This is the reason why most of the agents who join the agency career leave the business for other careers.

 Common Mistakes in Prospecting

One of the most common mistakes is to prepare a list and then judge who amongst those listed are most likely to buy life insurance. This judgment is employed without meeting the prospect or even attempting to meet him or her. In the process an impressionistic view of the prospect has probably resulted in a loss of business. But more importantly most of the persons listed as prospects are struck of the prepared list leaving the agent frustrated and depressed.

Another mistake that most agents make is to try cold calling or canvassing with person they do now. Selling life insurance is an emotional process, it is at least 5 times more difficult to sell to an unknown person than it is to a known person. The list of prospects should include only those persons known to you or referred to you by persons known to you.

 Every person knows at least 1000 persons

Every person living in the society has contacts according to the social and economic class to which he or she belongs. In any household (in any social or economic class) that conducts a marriage there are at least 500 invitation cards printed. If we assume 2 earning members per family where the invitation cards are presented, there are at least 1000 prospects within the contact of every agent. Even if only 250 invitation cards are printed there are at least 500 prospects known to the agent.

The first activity of every agent should be to prepare this list of 1000 prospects, by taking the help of family members if need be. This is your gold mine, your capital to do business as an agent. The list should be prepared in a good register and efforts should be made on a daily basis to add to the list on a daily basis. A small target of adding 3 names every day to this list is sufficient to keep you in business for a life time.


So get down to the task of preparing your Prospects’ Register today!


Happy Selling!

N. Ashok Kumar


Mobile: +91 98 600 59 397



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