Branch Managers/Development Officers/Unit Managers:  

If you are a branch manager or development officer or sales manager or agency manager or state head or area manager or regional manager or territory manager or unit manager or sales development manager in any channel of distribution you can choose between short duration courses of 2 – 3 days each or The Certified Life Insurance Sales Manager (CLISM) Course or The Certified Life Insurance Financial Advisor (CLIFA) Course

Short Duration Courses:

The Short Duration Courses are designed to train persons on specific tools and techniques of sales management, including recruitment of sales persons (agents), coaching agents and sales persons, managing them for higher performance, motivating them to stay in business and to achieve their goals, etc. Some of the typical courses on offer are

  • Recruit 20 quality agents in one month
  • Why recruit agents every month – and how
  • My agent and me – the first two months
  • Taking my agent out of his natural market
  • How do I activise my non-productive agents?
  • My role, responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Setting my income goals
  • Basic Course on Objection Handling
  • Advanced Course on Objection Handling
  • Closing Techniques
  • Basic Course on Finance for unit linked products
  • Advanced Course on Finance for unit linked products
  • How to generate HNI leads
  • How approach HNI prospects
  • Financial Management of HNIs
  • Needs Analysis for HNIs

The courses range between 2 – 3 days each. You can also ask for special coaching sessions in your town or for your team.    

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Certified Life Insurance Sales Manager (CLISM):

The course is for Branch Managers, Development Officers, Unit Managers, Sales Team Managers, Agency Managers, Team Leaders, Business Associates, Chief Life Insurance Advisors and other Direct and Indirect Supervisors of life insurance agents/advisors/financial consultants/direct marketing executives etc. It is designed skill managers of sales to be successful as a coach, a manager and a leader of sales persons. This management course is practical and sensitive to the issues and problems that supervisors of agents and other salespersons encounter on their job and provides easy-to-use techniques and many practical tips on controlling and motivating agents and other sales persons on the job. This is a productivity linked course and it is designed in such a manner that with the completion of each module the trainee will get tools to enhance his team’s productivity and his own income. The course covers

  • Recruitment of agents
  • Sales activity management
  • Coaching agents
  • Motivation of self and of agents
  • Leadership
  • Performance management
  • Self-development

This course is also useful for agents who wish to become unit managers or supervisors of agents.    

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Certified Life Insurance Financial Advisor (CLIFA):

Changing times require new knowledge. CLIFA is a simple, but conceptually strong course in finance that helps the salesperson in any level in the sales hierarchy to learn the fundamentals of finance that today’s market conditions demand. You will learn how to sell traditional life insurance products in the modern world. You will also learn the principles of wealth management, especially for higher net worth individuals. The Course covers

  • Concept of yield
  • Risk and return for individuals
  • Benefit illustrations on the concept of yield
  • Portfolio management and asset allocation of individuals
  • Buyer behavior and selling techniques
  • How to balance traditional products and ULIPs
  • Financial Markets
  • Equity market
  • Money market
  • ULIP funds – their risks and returns
  • NAV calculation
  • Comparison of NAV returns of different funds and different products
  • And much more

You can also undertake this Course through correspondence:

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